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My name is Dave Jones. I have been training and handling pointing dogs and retrievers for over 25 years. As a young man growing up in Peoria Illinois, I grew up hunting upland, and waterfowl. I always had an interest in dogs and their behaviors. This interest gave me a burning desire to educate myself on their training and handling. I spent many long nights reading, and watching DVD’s of different people and their training methods. This thirst for knowledge allowed me to be blessed with the opportunity to work alongside some great dog trainers. Through time and experience I have found that my preferred method for training consists of positive reinforcement. This is best accomplished by designing training situations that allow a dog to succeed rather than setting them up for failure. Every dog has its own personality and learns at a unique pace, that’s why I design a personalized training approach based upon what your dog needs. I fit my method, to the dog. Both the dog to the method. I now reside in Crab Orchard Kentucky, about 20 miles south west of Lexington. I have approximately 40 acres of land planted in milo and sweet grasses to imitate the most natural habitat for quail to live in and your dog to hunt on. Please visit the Gallery to see photos of the facilities. I also have a small shallow pond that I utilize for the training of retriever puppies where I introduce swimming and retrieving.
I believe that every dog has its place. There is no dog that was born with bad behavior, man has instilled these behaviors in the dogs by the little things we do. I have worked with and helped correct dogs with gun shyness, hard mouth, blinking, and other various problems. I believe there in no problem behavior that cannot be overcome through positive repetition, associations, and time.

300 Rigsby Road Crab Orchard Kentucky 40419 (606) 282-0514

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